A backlink is a link mentioned in a website and links back to another site. The link should be clickable so that search engines can recognize them as such. High-quality links are often sought after because they help websites to rank higher in search engine results. However, for backlinks to be effective they have to be placed on sites with relevant or related content and the sites should be regarded as authoritative websites that are already in high ranking positions in search engine results. The more high-quality backlinks linking back to your site from different high-quality authoritative websites the higher your ranking. Here’s how backlinks influence Google search results.

Brand building and exposure

Virtually every business strives to be noticed by putting some deliberate effort toward brand building and exposure. Backlinks provide an opportunity for you to be recognized as an expert or authority in your niche. When your potential customers see your website and brand mentioned repeatedly throughout an article, they are likely to associate the article topic with your brand. Search engines will also recognize your website as having useful pieces of information. Site visitors who notice your brand being mentioned on authority websites will also start visiting your website and express interest in your products, services or brand.


Backlinks provide an opportunity to promote your product or service. When an authority website in the industry mentions your website through a blog or social media post, they’ll be directly or indirectly promoting your website, product or service. Readers can get to share the post on their social media platforms and promote your products. With many shares across social media platforms, you’ll be ranked higher in Google search results because your website and posts will also be regarded as important or useful to readers.

Referral traffic and new leads

Most organic traffic comes from search engines like Google and Yahoo! However, referrals can also be a great source of traffic. Backlinks allow people to click on links they find in authority website content and redirect to your site. Since referral traffic is often targeted, it has a low bounce rate and you can significantly increase your sales and profits.

With several quality backlinks, you’ll also have leads and get to maintain a good working relationship with your potential and existing customers. Potential customers tend to click on backlinks to point them to the source and get to learn more about the article topic. They are also likely to follow you on social media and share your posts with their friends. Such simple yet effective links can drive traffic to your site and help in search engine rankings.

Backlinks are just links that redirect to a website from another. They play a crucial role in SEO and therefore influence Google search results. They contribute to search engine rankings and you can rely on the technique to boost your Google rankings. So, if you want to build your brand or increase brand recognition and exposure, you can try using backlinks. They can also boost your referral traffic and promote your products and services. However, be careful to avoid overdoing it so that you’re not penalized by Google. If you’re unsure, you should probably hire an SEO expert to help you.

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