A Smashing Guide To The World Of Search Engine Optimization

Yes, bloated, slow, gratuitous JavaScript will hurt your website’s search performance, but applied properly the language can also improve it. Indeed, formats like JSON are a staple of more sophisticated SEO markup, like Schema. Happily, the web development space seems to be warming up to talk of accessibility. There is plenty of natural overlap between SEO and accessibility, though sadly there is currently little evidence that super accessible websites get a boost in search.

Accessibility barely features in Google’s mammoth Search Quality Guidelines document. Say what you like about Google’s more nefarious practices, but where organic search is concerned they want websites to be goodie two shoes.

Smart SEO professionals have learned to focus on Google’s end goal, not just its mechanical inner workings. seo score Google’s primary objective is to answer questions that people are asking on its website.

AMP, or, Accelerated Mobile Pages, creates lightweight versions of web pages to help them load faster on a mobile device. AMP works with Google to prioritize results in mobile searches.

Write brilliant articles; build fast, practical sites; use beautiful visuals; design ethically; be transparent about who you are and what you do; and never, ever let SEO be the tail that wags the dog. Search engines generally keep their cards close to their chest, but where content quality is concerned they’re as transparent as you could hope. Whatever your motivation is, the game is fundamentally the same. From content to site design, implementing makes websites better.

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your site is, if it takes ages to load people aren’t going to stick around to find out. Developers should not shy away from JavaScript for fear of angering the SEO gods.

If Google delivers quality answers and information, people are likely to return for their next question or need. Paid Search advertising, also known as Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Marketing , is an effective and critical digital marketing channel.

This results in campaigns that cost less and receive better engagement. Our Digital Marketing Certificate can help you understand more about SEO and other important elements of digital marketing.

All of those things can help drive traffic to your site, but it’s important to make sure your site has a strong sales-driven approach when they arrive. Strong calls-to-action and web forms for capturing new leads are a must!

It has specialists, sub-specialists, thought leaders, dedicated publications, fantastically complex tools, and constant uncertainty at its heart. Learn how to solve problems, enhance your marketing portfolio, and advance your digital marketing skills with a Digital Marketing Certificate from Drexel LeBow. Digital Marketing guru, Patrick Strickler, gives an introductory course on using Google Analytics to understand web traffic on your site. Understanding SEO can support paid search advertising in the same way, making targeted web pages more relevant to searchers.

As time passes and trends change, what once was important for SEO may no longer be working and we adapt with those changes. We’re always looking to keep you ahead of the game so that ultimately, you’ll remain competitive in your industry. The biggest issue with SEO is that search results constantly change. With a commitment to quality content for the design community.

Our site development team helps create powerful brand experiences for your potential customers. search engine marketing, and reputation management, you can build a powerful presence for your brand online, which leads to more sales. We never stop re-evaluating our efforts for effectiveness.

A lot of work goes into creating SEM strategies, developing campaigns and optimizing results. Advertisements allow companies to pay Google and Bing to appear on SERPs that are relevant to their business needs. These results are generally denoted as ads, as shown in the image on the left. Drexel LeBow offers a wide range of certificate programs, including the digital marketing certificate.

It’s about customized strategies and clear communication of your results. And we create solutions to recover lost traffic and help you gain more than ever before. Most of our engagements begin with our free SEO assessment. This provides a high-level overview of the biggest opportunities to improve your organic rankings. SEO success is more than just rankings or clicks—it’s about long-term visibility and bottom-line results. Other types of metadata, like image names and publication dates, give your content more context and help visitors use your site more effectively.

Design is clearer and content is more focused, with visitors’ needs always front and centre. In a sense it gives you a 3D vision of the web, seeing web experiences from both human and computer perspectives. The industry is worth more than $70 billion a year, and it’s only going to grow.

This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully there is enough for you to fall down the SEO rabbit hole. Please note that this cheat sheet will be updated occasionally, so if something/someone is missing, feel free to let us know! We’ll consider it for inclusion the next time we update the sheet. It will tell you exactly what’s wrong with a URL’s content and what you can do to improve it. Site speed is no great mystery; more often than not it’s simply a case of trimming the fat. They’re easier to crawl, and they’re easier for users to browse.