Digital Marketing Strategy

Keyword Analysis to determine the most popular and relevant phrases related to your business. In fact, 81% of smartphone owners turn to search first to address their immediate needs. Tune in to our podcast for marketing nerds, aficionados, and decision-makers. Strong project management skills, business forecasting accuracy, and data analysis. The combination of leading technical SEO, combined with content formed from deep audience insights, make Merkle’s award-winning, global SEO capabilities a forerunner in the industry. You’ve created a lot of content over the years and forget that you, or someone else, already wrote a page or blog post about the same topic. This probably isn’t a complete duplicate, but if the content significantly overlaps, then you are better off combining it into one strong page.

No matter the size of your website, backlinks must be a key component of your digital strategy. We’ll analyze your industry, tell you who is winning at backlinks, and what you need to do to beat them. There’s still plenty of information almightly Google wants from you before rewarding you with a spot on the first page.

We can use these tools during an audit as well as after we have implemented changes to continuously monitor improvements. That means being discovered consistently across every space your leads look, learn, and buy. It means getting creative and bold with your SEO strategy. A website that has many other websites linking to it would be like a city with many roads leading into it from all over the world. A less popular website might be like a small town with just one or two roads leading in.

Our Google Analytics certified team dives into every crevice of your online presence from analytics reporting, to SERP appearance, and off-page ranking opportunities. This document becomes the layout for your entire project and a reference point for all decisions made thereafter.

Find any duplicate content and make it substantially different or remove it altogether. There’s no advantage to saying the same thing over and over, and Google will penalize you for it. There are two likely scenarios where you’ll have duplicate content. It can be very complex but online marketing consulting there are many reports that are only a few clicks away that could be very helpful. Using the Channels report will show you how your organic traffic compares to all other traffic to your website. Webconsuls’ marketing programs are tailored to the individual needs of clients.

Accommodating organizations requiring placement in the most competitive arenas or those with a limited budget, our company is small by design—and focused on you. Webconsuls SEO specialists have been ranking websites since 1999.

We then start to fill in the cracks by pouring over volumes of analytic data to find problem areas and top performers. Our Google-certified Analytic experts are more like detectives, uncovering hidden treasure buried deep in your website. With your own team of human calculators, you’ll be reassured by the numbers and never feel like a strategy is going haywire. We compare what we’ve learned about the search landscape for your industry against the positioning of your website. Our SEO team prioritizes the best practices that need to be checked off the list, then conducts a massive brainstorming session where are big ideas are born. This is passed through the hands of each one of our teams to ensure quality and accuracy. Inside of our discovery document we provide a full assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

desc new When we’re done, you’ll have a strong baseline and a clear strategy. Because anyone can do keyword research, but not everyone knows how to get results. Our SEO engagements begin with defining search terms and topic clusters relevant to your personas. Whatever your KPIs — increased visits, higher results page rankings, increased authority — we design a plan to deliver. Here is where we’ll bring those big ideas into a digital reality. This is where the rubber meets the road and the path to digital marketing success begins for your company. Our SEO team checks of our exclusive list of best practices immediately and then the fun part kicks off.

A brief explanation of Search Engine Optimization and how it can affect your ability to get more business. Link Building to generate more traffic and improve your Google Page Rank.

One of the biggest questions Google needs to know is if they can trust you. If the biggest concern you have is how to beat the competition, and do it quickly, then link building is the answer you’ve been seeking. What are you doing to draw them in and show off your best assets?