Seo 101

The addition of AI and machine learning into search algorithms means that there are no shortcuts to success; the best content starts to rise to the top over time. SEO has a real opportunity to redefine its role as a pivot point in the modern-day marketing freelance seo consultant stack. There is a very real opportunity for search marketers to align and integrate themselves across content, digital, and marketing communication channels. The ability to promote content which is shareable and supports the above mentioned SEO goals.

The focus of this RankBrain approach is to help the search engine understand the meaning of queries better, and provide answers that focus upon meeting the situational and informational needs of searchers. The “Ten Blue Links” still exist for a brand website, but so do a large number of social and third-party profile links that appear for branded and non-branded search terms. Not to mention, voice search and emerging frontiers across new mediums. SEO today, particularly link building, is all about relationships because ranking highly requires quality links from authoritative websites. SEO means greeting the user with the exact information they are looking for at the exact time they are looking for it. This can be on a variety of platforms, from voice search to local businesses and online shopping. The work we do as SEO professionals is more about improving our websites to provide a better experience for users, which subsequently makes the search engines want to reward us.

We’re still optimizing for search engines, but now, there isn’t just one search engine we’re optimizing for. SEO is the science of getting eyeballs to the page through search. It’s a multi-discipline approach to helping web pages get found by humans and search engines.

Understanding what’s effective in SEO today requires a deeper understanding than ever of how search works. Obviously, everyone isn’t a search engineer, so that can be simplified to understanding what the primary goal of the search engines is. Today, technology allows us to deliver on the purest essence of SEO. Whether via a mobile screen or a digital home assistant, our job is to ensure that our content can be discovered and served as seamlessly as possible.

Everyone knows that SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It makes us sound siloed and that we optimize specifically for search engines. SEO means helping businesses do everything they can to make more money from people who are visiting their website via organic search. SEO is about the user experience and creating great websites for your users. Technical SEO, content, and links should continue to be the focus of SEO campaigns, tailored to your users and the type of customer you are targeting.